Diluting Essential Oils

We always dilute the oils. Sometimes people will tell you to apply them “neat.” That means to apply them directly to the skin without dilution. We don’t do that. We mix the oils with a carrier oil. This dilutes the oils significantly, however the oils are quite powerful. You will still have an effective blend even with just a few drops of the oil.

The general dosage in our blends is 30 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. However, we generally don’t make a whole ounce at a time. We normally use roller bottles, which are small cylindrical bottles with a plastic roller on the end, and contain about 1/3 of an ounce. Therefore our blends will usually contain approximately 10 drops of essential oil and 1/3 oz of carrier.

We find that this is a good amount to give the the patient, as we don’t want to give them an amount that will last longer than they need the formula. This might result in self-medicating, even after the point at which they should switch to a different blend. We also feel that the roller bottles are a convenient way to apply the oils, although the plastic roller does not mix well with some oils. A glass rod would be ideal in that case.

Adult Dose:
30 drops to 1 oz.
10 drops to 1/3 oz.

For children, we will reduce the dosage, depending upon how much they weigh. Generally for children 6 and under, use maybe 3 drops, or 1/3 of the regular dosage, whereas for older children through puberty, use half an adult dosage. For babies and very small children, it may not even be necessary to apply the oils directly to the skin. You can apply them to your fingers and hold them over the points into which you would like to direct qi. Visualize qi flowing through your fingers and onto the points. However the general modality is in applying them in a diluted form to points and/or using them in pediatric Tui Na.

Very small children:
10 drops to 1 oz.
3 drops to 1/3 oz
Older Children:
15 drops to 1 oz.
5 drops to 1/3 oz.

We will also halve the dosage when applying oils to the head, especially sensitive points like Yintang.