Other Techniques of using Essential Oils

Compress: Apply a few drops topically, then cover with a hot, moist towel. Cover this with a dry towel to lock in the heat. Do this until the hot towel cools down, or until the patient decides to quit. It shouldn’t go more than an hour or so.

For a compress, it is not necessary to dilute the oils in a carrier, as you are only using 2-3 drops.

For children, mix oils into some water, then as they float to the surface, soak them up in a towel. Use this towel as the compress. Wring it out and apply, covered with a dry towel.

Do not scald the child or use too many drops of essential oils. We would use about 10 drops in a basin of water. Bathing: You can mix about 3-4 drops of oil with a cup of epsom salts. Or you can use approximately 10 drops of oils in a bath gel. You can add onion oil for hair along with Epsom salt.

To soak feet, use about 5-8 drops in a basin of warm water.

Suppositories: We do not use suppositories or vaginal injections of essential oils. You can make suppositories with Coconut butter as a medium.