Internal Conditions for Essential Oils Usage

For internal conditions, apply the oils by lifting and thrusting. You can also rub them in the direction of the channel, against the direction of the channel or you can hold the roller bottle or glass rod on the point and vibrate it. To rub them in the direction of the channel will tonify, to go against the channel will tend to reduce. Vibrating will connect with the yuan or constitutional level.

Lifting and Thrusting: Lifting and thrusting in application of essential oils is based on that of the needling technique. Emphasis on lifting will tend to reduce. Emphasis on thrusting will tend to tonify.

Direction of the Channel: This is similar to lifting or thrusting, only it is more applying them in a straight line in the direction of the channel, or against the direction of the channel. Applying the oils in the direction of the channel will tend to tonify, while pressing against the direction will tend to reduce.

Vibrating: This means holding the applicator onto a point and vibrating it on that point. This is more similar to a Tui Na or Medical QiGong technique. It is used to tonify on the yuan level.

You can also apply DMSO (DiMethyl SulfOxide) over the oils, to cause them to go extra deep into the point. This should be done with caution however, as DMSO is a strong carrier, and will carry anything that comes into contact with it deep into the body. DMSO also has a strong drying property. If you want to mitigate this drying property, use it mixed with aloe.

Other techniques include applying the oils to the points before needling to enhance the treatment effect or dipping the needles in the oils before needling. As always, the oils themselves would be selected to correspond to the functions and indications of the points, as well as the treatment goals.

Auricular application: You can apply oils to the microsystems of the ear or other parts of the body, such as the scalp, hands and feet. For this we will usually use rotating towards the centerline of the body to tonify, away to reduce, vibrating or possibly visualization of qi carrying the oil into the point. NOTE: As always, when applying a blend to the head, we will halve the dosage.