Testing the Oils

We always test the oils before we use them. Some patients will be sensitive to certain oils. Sometimes this can come as a surprise. People with no history of allergies can have reactions to essential oils.

Before applying the oils therapeutically, try them in small amounts on the soles of the feet. Use a carrier oil to wipe the oil off the feet if necessary. Oils do not mix with water. If for some reason, you can’t test the oils on the soles of the feet, try the inside of the upper arm.

Keep this in mind if you get oils in your eye. From time to time you will get oils on your hands. If you scratch your face or in particular your eyes, you will spread these oils into sensitive areas. Using water can make this worse, so you really want to use a carrier oil.

It should be noted that you don’t necessarily want to come into contact with the oils. This could have a similar effect as taking a small dosage of all the herbs you prescribe throughout the day. It can add up. You also may subsequently have a patient who reacts to those fragrances or develop a sensitization yourself. Only apply oils to yourself if you are using them for yourself. Avoid taking other peoples’ prescriptions.